Beautiful Wedding Ceremonies

by Justice Carol

​​~ Wedding Costs ~

On this page, I highlight the fees associated with your wedding. I feel it is important for me to point out that many of the fees related to reserving dates and times are non-refundable. As much as I dislike this practice, it has become necessary in order to maintain our commitment to one another. Reservations are on a first come, first serve basis especially during the height of wedding season. Some of the fees assure you that your reservations are firm and that another couple will not be scheduled at the same time. Thank you for your understanding.

Reservation Fee:
To reserve your specific day and time, a non-refundable fee of $75 is required to save the date on my calendar for you. I will provide a confirmation once the fee is received which will either be given during a wedding meeting or sent  via e-mail  pending the timing of events.

The “Reservation Fee” of $75.00 is
NON-REFUNDABLE and is not a deposit towards the ceremonial charges as determined by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or any other service fees such as rehearsals, meetings, etc.. There are many occasions in which I have multiple weddings booked on the same day. The “Reservation Fee” assures that your selected date and time is guaranteed as per our agreement. In the event of a cancellation, this fee will not be refunded. Additionally, I request that the fee be paid for by certified bank check, money order, or cash. Personal checks will not be accepted.

Pre-Wedding Consultation Fee:
A pre-wedding consultation is recommended so we may meet in person and get to know one another to create our special bond. Together we make any decisions necessary in creating your perfect wedding ceremony... There is a reasonable fee for this meeting of $85, which is

Ceremony fee:
If you live in Mansfield, Massachusetts and are married there, the fee is $100 since this is my home town..

If you are married in Massachusetts outside of my home town, the fee is $150.

If you are married in Rhode Island, the fee is $300.00.

Holiday Ceremony fee:
If your ceremony takes place on a holiday, or on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, the ceremony fee is $300.00.

The Rehearsal:
The rehearsal can be very helpful if you have a wedding party; this way everyone will be on the same page… If you would like me to conduct the rehearsal, the fee is $175.00. To reserve a specific day and time, a non-refundable $75.00 deposit  towards the rehearsal fee is required to save the date on my calendar for you.

As performing the ceremony is a service, it is customary to tip the Officiant for a job well done just as you would the DJ, florist, caterer, or any other service provider. Therefore, your gratuities are welcome and would be greatly appreciated

Late fees:
The Officiant is entitled to impose an additional $75.00 late fee on the Client in the event that the ceremony is delayed more than 30 minutes beyond the agreed upon time of ceremony where the Officiant is not at fault for the delay. There will be an additional $75.00 charge for  each additional half hour delay after that.  *This late fee must be paid before the start of the ceremony. Please note that late fees must be paid before the start of the ceremony and must be paid in cash. *The couple must be aware that the officiant may have another ceremony to attend to after theirs, so it is important to please be as timely as possible.

Extra fees:
Customization fees when applicable
Poetry written for your ceremony, etc….
Parking, tolls, or other travel related expenses

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