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Submitted testimonials.....

Carol, We couldn't have asked for a more loving, kind and caring person to conduct our ceremony. Your work is so obviously a labor of love. All the special touches you added combined to make our little wedding ceremony more special than we could have hoped for. We have never met anyone who's gone so "above and beyond" in their work. Thank you for making our day so much more beautiful. With Love, John and Maryann

Thank you for being a huge part of our special day and for joining us in the celebration. You added so much love and kindness and we truly appreciate it. May you be abundantly blessed with much happiness in your life. We found a friend in you ❤️ Love, Rich and Judi

Hi Justice Carol!
Thank you so much for everything you did for us as your first couple you got to marry. It was such a coincidence that I found your name in a whole list of JP's and picked it out not knowing it was you at the time. My husband and I could not have asked for a better ceremony. It was perfect! I still remember it like it was yesterday even though it was over a year ago. The most important thing to us was your effort in making our wedding day as special as it could be. It was very heartfelt and meaningful especially on Valentine’s Day!
Our marriage has been the greatest gift and we have you to thank for that!

With Love, Kristen and Rob

Dear Carol,
Thank you so much for sharing our special moment with us. We love the fact that you are dedicated and love what you do, and most of all you personalized our ceremony, the beginning of our life together as husband and wife. And we will never forget you. Thank you so much.
With lots of love,
Matt and Nicole

Hi Carol...
Let me tell you how many people are still commenting & complimenting the beauty of the ceremony. I really appreciate the personal touches in the ceremony and yes the poem for my Grandmother was beautiful, and what a small, small world that you and I come together and have such a bond as each of us have a very special woman within our lives with whom share the same name. I believe you have just heard from a friend of ours the day after our wedding; as they were just as happy with your ceremony that they are requesting your services for their wedding day. Thank you very much for everything... I look forward to talking with you in the near future.
Thank you again
Love, Deb

Good morning Carol,
Just a few words from me to thank you for the wonderful job you did with the ceremony, it was truly a beautiful ceremony, and the way that you helped both Deb and me through the whole ceremony was great.....In every picture of you that we have you are smiling and looking like you too had a great time, I'm glad that you stayed, because you truly made a great impression on everyone that you sat and talked, you really did help to make our day more special than it already was. I'm not one for many words, but I just wanted to say thank you again and again, everything was so special thanks to you... Thank you for all of the wonderful pictures, they all looked great!!!!!!!!! See you soon; maybe walking your dog.
Thanks again

Hello Justice Carol,
Phil and I wanted to thank you for sharing our wedding day with us and sealing our marriage with such a beautiful ceremony. We know it took us a while to write but we have had a very busy beginning to our life together and enjoying every minute of it. But we did not forget you nor the wonderful job you did. Thank-you and until we meet again (possibly at another wedding because we have recommended you highly) may you and yours be well.
With love, Phil and Patrice

Justice Carol is absolutely amazing. Our ceremony was heartfelt and beautiful. Everyone commented on what a fantastic job she did. Her attention to detail and personal touches really set her apart. We recently received our "keepsake" copy of our ceremony. She did a phenomenal job putting this together for us. I can't say enough. She is an incredible person and we could not have asked for anything more. Great job!!!
Love, Noel and Dee

Welcome back! Hope your trip was very relaxing and sunny. Thank you very much for such a wonderful ceremony. I never realized how much of an impact it was going to have on us. It was very “Real” and made us realize how much we mean to each other. Your way of doing things made all the difference and your flexibility to adjust to the site and weather were a big help. Thank you, and thanks for the pictures. I have been working non-stop since you left, but will get you a few of our shots also.
Thanks again,
John, Lisa and Giana.

Hi Carol,
I just want to thank you so much for marrying us. Everything went beautifully, from the ceremony to the reception and everything in between. We've gotten nothing but compliments. I highly recommend you to anyone who asks me who married us!
I love the pictures you took and thank you for putting us on your website. That's very flattering. Take care and thanks again for everything.

Love, Kelly and Jamie

Justice Carol did an AMAZING job for our wedding, and on such short notice. We planned a wedding between mid-October and February 14th and Carol was able to officiate our service for us. Our families were so impressed with ehr personality, style, and professionalism at the wedding. The blessings were beautiful and well written, and the ceremony was personalized for us as we were able to pick which poems/blessings Carol recited, and in what order. She also made a very special annoucement for us by announcing the gender of our baby (I was 5 1/2 months pregnant) to us and our guests so we all found out together. Within a week after the ceremony we also received a gorgeous ceremony keepsake from Carol with all of our vows, blessings, and announcements printed out so we can remember our night forever. We love Carol and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a JP for their wedding. She is very easy to get in touch with and makes herself available for any questions you have during your planning for the rehearsal and the procession itself.
Love, Amanda & Derek L.

Dear Carol,
Our ceremony was beautiful! You did a great job! You were crisp and clear and very confident and it showed! We got some great compliments on your sweet poem for us. Thank you for your hard work and little touches ~ they didn’t go unnoticed! The framed certificate was a beautiful thought! Thank you again – it was what we wanted!
Love, Stacey and Jonathan

Just wanted to thank you again for the beautiful ceremony & all of your special touches. Thank you for making our special day so memorable!

We are attempting to go through all the pictures and the emails that we received from all our friends after the wedding! All of our friends have commented on how beautiful the ceremony was and what a wonderful job you did! We can't even begin to thank you for making our wedding so special! Every little detail you had was magical! We are so thrilled that Carol Merletti suggested you as our Justice of the Peace and even more thrilled that you stayed at the reception and had a great time! It certainly was hectic but FUN! Thank you soo much for everything- it was truly beautiful! Words will never be able to express our gratitude to you!
I have attached a few pictures for you- hope you like it!
Thank you thank you thank you!
You truly have a special gift - thank you!
Annie & Melanie

Dear Justice Carol,
Derek and I wanted to thank you for the perfect ceremony. We are still talking about our wedding and receiving compliments about how beautiful the ceremony was! I've watched it over and over again on tape! We will forever remember this day and we thank you for all of your help in creating wonderful memories! If you ever need a reference, please don't hesitate to use us. We couldn't have been happier.
Thank you again!
With love,
Amanda and Derek

Good morning Carol,
We wanted to let you know that we received the wedding book that you sent us. THANK YOU SOOO VERY MUCH, IT IS PERFECT AND WE GOT TEARY EYED ONCE WE READ IT AGAIN. It is perfect and a great keepsake and can’t thank you enough it was beautifully put together. Thank You for all that you did and your personality and charisma fit in great with both our families and made our wedding day more complete, I am glad you were able to stay too. We want others to know how sweet and sensitive you are and very charismatic and personable! Thanks again for everything and talk later.
Blessed be!
Love, Christa and Andy

Thank you so much for your generous gift! You made our day so great & we thank you very much!
Sean & Georgia!

Hello Carol,
Thank you for your photos and everything you have done for us. Just to let you know there is a fabulous photo of you on our wedding web site! Married life is better than we expected ~ we are having the time of our lives! We hope all is well with you. Thank you for everything – we couldn’t have asked for a better person to marry us!
Katelyn and Dan with love
Justice Carol did a beautiful job officiating our wedding. From the moment we met her we felt comfortable. She is a very warm and professional Justice of the Peace. She offered suggestions and added her own personal touch to make our wedding a memorable occasion. We would highly recommend her services.
Christine & John

Hi Carol ~
“You made a whole lot of happiness bloom in my heart”. Thank you for making our days so special and thank you, the photos were wonderful! Everything was fantastic!
Love, Angela and Jason

Dear Justice Carol,
Thank you very much for the service! It was very lovely, and we had a fabulous time. I hope you and your husband have a great holiday season!
With Warm Regards,
Thom & Nate

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