Beautiful Wedding Ceremonies

by Justice Carol

Welcome to my Gallery page!

I love capturing moments in pictures and weddings are the perfect time to get people at their best.

I do ask all of my couples for permission to post a few pictures of them in my gallery slide shows. It is not required but I do enjoy sharing their happiness with visitors to my site. Most of my couples are excited to see themselves online and it also gives me the opportunity to reflect on each ceremony and how special each couple is to me.

I am also excited to share with you a slide show of photos taken at my daughter’s wedding from September of 2010. I was truly honored to perform her ceremony and even happier to share that very special day in my life with all of you.

Click here to view my couples slide show.

Click here to view the slide show from my daughter’s wedding.


I try to keep my site updated often so if you do not see your pictures in the slide show, please check back or contact me via email.


Thank you for visiting and enjoy!!

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